Progress Report Update

November 5, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Elementary Progress Report Cards for students in Grade 1-8 will be delivered to you electronically on Monday, November 23rd

The Progress Report Card:

  • encourages early and ongoing communication between you and your child's teacher
  • tells you how well your child is developing the learning skills and work habits that are essential for success
  • instead of a grade or mark, the teacher will indicate how well your child is progressing: “very well”, “well” or “with difficulty”
  • may highlight strengths and areas to improve
  • includes comments from your child's teacher that are personalized, clear, and meaningful.

Kindergarten Initial Observations Report will also be delivered electronically on Monday, November 23rd 

 The Initial Observations Report provides an opportunity to:

  • establish a positive relationship between educators and parents;
  • involve parents as partners in conversations about their child’s learning, about the educators’ assessment, and about how parents can support their child’s learning;
  • develop strategies for next steps in the child’s learning.

Should you wish to request a parent-teacher conference to discuss the Progress Report Card/Initial Observations Report, this can be available to you via a virtual meeting through MS Teams or a phone call. Please email/call your child’s teacher(s) with your request.


Parent Resource:

Supporting your Child’s Learning through Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting:

Yours in Catholic Education,

Mr. Lovett


St. Patrick Catholic School